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Re: ARM status

Chris McKillop wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 02:17:18AM +0000, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> >
> > XFB WORKS AT 1024X768!
> >
> > I just built a 2.3.99-pre3-rmk1 kernel, and now X works.  I'm so happy!
> >
> > You can get my kernel-image package at http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/debs/.  If I
> > should have configured differently, let me know, and I'll build a new one.
>     I got X working too...

Awesome!  With a 2.2 or 2.3 kernel?  (Funny thing, the fan seems to run a lot faster
with this 2.3 kernel...)

> but not with any hardware accel under X!! :(

Right, that has to be added to X.

> [snip]
>   So to me this means that I cannot get hardware acceleration since the
> accelerator listed in fbset isn't in the listing from XF68_FBDev.  Is
> there something else I can do to make it work?  I mean, it comes up in
> 1024x768 in 16bit color but it is SLLLOOOWWW. :)

Indeed!  How much time are you willing to put into this?  I'm sending mail to the
fbdev list about adding accel to Xfb, and ccing you.  It seems it should be
relatively straightforward, a bunch of accel hooks are right there in

If nobody else does it, I may get around to it in a couple of months... by which
time XFree4 will obsolete it all!


-Adam P.

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