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Re: disk image?

On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Chris McKillop wrote:

>     Nice work!  However, i ran into one snag.  The installer should
> not allow the option of chooing the non 2.0 ext2 filesystem or should
> at least give a warning.  I did the install and then NeTTrom would not
> let me boot, complaining that /dev/hda1 was not a valid filesystem. 
> It might just be my rom version, but a warning should still be given.

The NeTTrom, currently, uses a 2.0 kernel.  When you build mke2fs with a
recent glibc and a 2.2 kernel, the default behaviour is to use 2.2 options
which are not compatible with 2.0 kernels.  Specifically in this case it
does not like the option "filetype".  To fix this call mke2fs with the
option "-O sparse_super", or you could even call it with "-O none".  I
would recommend the first, though.

If you already have a formated partition and do not want to redo it, I've
used the following in the past:
	tune2fs -O ^filetype /dev/hda1
	e2fsck -vy /dev/hda1

Don't forget to check the filesystem afterwards.  Pass the -y option to
e2fsck...  You might run into some trouble if /dev/hda1 is a full

In the future it will be posible to boot directly, and it will not matter
what options you use to create your filesystems.  In theory you should be
able to encrypt it if you want, provided your kernel knows what it is
doing.  Or raid, or whatever.


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