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Re: X Working!

Scott Bambrough wrote:
> > >I am still unable to get ssh to work.  Complains about controling tty.
> This is a configure problem.  I can't remember the details, but I believe
> undefining some ?_PTYS define in config.h will allow SSH to build and run.
> Ralph would know better.  I'll see what I can find out when he gets in.

This if from the FAQ on netwinder.org:
SSH 1.2x versions require a bit of work to operate on the NetWinder. 

  CFLAGS="-D_GNU_SOURCE" ./configure --disable-asm

Then edit config.h and comment out the line so it looks like this: 

  /* #define HAVE_OPENPTY 1 */

At very least, DM9 and DM12 require that you also comment out this line: 

  /* #define HAVE_UTMPX_H 1 */

Then just "make" and "make install". 

Disabling compiler optimization is necessary or "make install" will endlessly
loop trying to generat a prime for p. 

For sshd, there are some problems with the pty support on the netwinder because
it uses a relatively new glibc and a relatively old kernel. While this should be
fixed in DM15, there have been reports to the contrary, along with the
suggestion to edit config.h to comment out the line like this: 

  /* #define HAVE_DEV_PTS_AND_PTC 1 */

This solution also works on DM14, and OfficeServers which are based on that

SSH 2.x versions are reported to compile and work out of the box on the
NetWinder. (But note that SSH 2 has a more restrictive license.) 

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