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[no subject] 未承諾広告※ 確実に1日2〜3万円稼ぐ! 友達が教えてくれたんですけど Сверхлегкие Стальные Конструкции... sHJbiGHlunVIKLu Конференц-зал в КИЕВЕ =?x-user-defined?q?Ano_Novo,_Factura=E7=E3o_Nova?= Re: androgyne godliness apache2 package: patch for ASF Bugzilla Bug 28815 apache2_2.0.54-5_i386.changes INSTALLED into stable apache_1.3.33-6sarge1_i386.changes INSTALLED into stable Attivazione completata ad AMGI informa Balanced Scorecard Institute Upcoming Events Bases de datos de Empresas Bug#241223: (no subject) Bug#268252: marked as done (apache2: please provide mpm_metux) Bug#289868: apache2: No keep-alive for MSIE Bug#307921: apxs for apache2 totally unfindable Bug#312252: SuExec FHS compilance Bug#316173: marked as done (SECURITY: HTTP proxy responses with both Transfer-Encoding and Content-Length headers (CAN-2005-2088)) Bug#320048: marked as done (SECURITY: buffer-overrun in apache2-ssl (CAN-2005-1268)) Bug#320063: marked as done (Security: buffer-overrun in apache2-ssl) Bug#322607: marked as done (SECURITY: HTTP proxy responses with both Transfer-Encoding and Content-Length headers (CAN-2005-2088)) Bug#326435: marked as done (CAN-2005-2728: DoS through overly long Range values passed to the byte-range filter) Bug#329288: marked as done (apache2-common: apache2ctl uses non-posix ulimit command) Bug#340337: CVE-2005-2970 exists in 2.0.54 too -- please fix stable branch Bug#341460: apache2: can't serve big files Bug#341530: The apache logrotate config causes excessive reloads of apache Bug#342008: bashism in init script Bug#342141: apache2: Apache2 weird forks (owned by root) Bug#342182: libapache-mod-perl: Apache segfaults when mod_perl is loaded Bug#342785: apache: purge fails if ucf was uninstalled Bug#343353: Apache 1.3.x envvars support on startup Bug#343466: XSS issue in mod_imap Bug#343467: [CVE-2005-3352] XSS issue in mod_imap Bug#344072: apache2: Apache 2.2 has been released Bug#344481: Mysterious crash in php4-rrdtool Bug#344517: apache2-common - mod_deflate overwrite Vary-header Bug#345189: apache2-common: Starting Apache2 fails with undefined symbol in cgi module Bug#345260: Apache2-mpm-worker 2.0.55-3 crashing box, memory leak? Cailis Softabs is the Best mWeGl configuring apache and Disattivazione completata. The ED Service eu Exclusive Pharm Advisers ls Help. Hey, debian-apache Honey got rocks off 0n her b0dy legerity Last Week for Holiday Savings newbie needs to configure apache Nominated Processed: . Processed: Re: Bug#343466: Acknowledgement (XSS issue in mod_imap) Processed: reassign 341700 to apache Processing of apr-util1.0_1.2.2-1_i386.changes Processing of apr1.0_1.2.2-1_i386.changes Procura Activa de Emprego Re: rev secondshand Timely Medicine Solutions ow The last update was on 06:01 GMT Sun Apr 21. There are 78 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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