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Good day,

I am Mrs. Silifat Ali - Fayadh ,Wife of Late Sheikh Dhari Ali Al-Fayadh (Prominent Iraqis House of Assembly Member ) who was killed along with three of his bodyguards and my Son in a suicide bomb attack in neighborhood of Rashdiya Northern Baghdad .
View the Website below for detail Story of how I lost my influential husband.
My late and beloved husband deposited a huge amount with Diplomatic Vault for safe keeping .All I need from you is an assistance to transfer the fund to your country for investment untill I regain my freedom .
I will give you 15% of the total sum (sharing ration is Negotiable} but most of all is that I solicit your trust in this transaction and will not want you to betray me.
All correspondence should be directed to my private

Email:  silifatalifayadh@yahoo.co.uk
Yours sincerely,
Mrs.Silifat Ali Fayadh          

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