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newbie needs to configure apache


i'm newbie to debian and i made a default installation of apache 2. how do i create the virtual directories in apache2? i thought it might be in the httpd.conf but i have four of these files...


i reckon it's the second file that i should edit because the fourth one is almost empty. the first and third, on the other hand,  just don't seem like it. anybody know the difference between the second and the fourth file?

also, i've read at some site about "apachectl" but i can't run that command or find that file in my system. i don't know if it has anything to do with this but 'deb-src' line is commented out in my /etc/apt/source.list and the site's article talked about building apachectl from the source file. what should i do to install or activate it?

finally, how do i check the version of apache running in my system. as funny as it may sound, i don't know if it's really apache2 that i installed because several apache (not apache2) files and directories appeared on my system.

i'm a newbie so a step-by-step instruction will be greatly appreciated. thanks.




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