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Re: Bug#237763: (no subject)

Hi Ralf,

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004 rm@fabula.de wrote:

> ??? Do you actually _read_ Fabio's mails (as opposed to just glance at it)?

It's ok don't worry.. I also did my mistake in the paste flaming at people
for mistakes or misunderstandings or not completely reading their mails
and Simon apologized immediatly after.

And for everyone:
Please guys let's not start another flamewar for nothing, ok? Let's keep
the crap out of debian-apache.


<user> fajita: step one
<fajita> Whatever the problem, step one is always to look in the error log.
<user> fajita: step two
<fajita> When in danger or in doubt, step two is to scream and shout.

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