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Bug#237763: (no subject)

Le Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 14:55:57 +0100, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto a �it:
> On Mon, 15 Mar 2004 simon@nuit.ca wrote:
> > BTW, did those test cases have suexec enabled? i do here, for various
> > reasons.
> On yes it was enabled (at least loaded)
> >
> > on the strace, i did -F -x and -f -x the second for the second log.
> Sorry Simon but it's not -x. it's -X. This will avoid apache-ssl to fork
> and will simplify a lot the strace. Mind do send this strace too?
well both -X and -x were done, exact same circumstances.. oh wait,

strace -x -f apache-ssl 
strace -x -F apache-ssl 

were done. so same tests, and just a different switch on *-part2.log.
tests done were the curl and HEAD commands i pasted. and i didn't have a
-X switch (sid).

-x -- print non-ascii strings in hex, -xx -- print all strings in hex
-f -- follow forks, -ff -- with output into separate files
-F -- attempt to follow vforks, -h -- print help message

partial snip from strace --help.

> And that's why the bug is open :-) I added more information coming from
> other tests so that also other users can see them and it is an implicit
> explanation for me donwgrading the severity to important since the "core"
> is working fine.

yeh, the paragraph above was from my misunderstanding (stated
previously) ;).

> Thanks
> Fabio
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