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Bug#237763: (no subject)

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004 simon@nuit.ca wrote:

> BTW, did those test cases have suexec enabled? i do here, for various
> reasons.

On yes it was enabled (at least loaded)

> on the strace, i did -F -x and -f -x the second for the second log.

Sorry Simon but it's not -x. it's -X. This will avoid apache-ssl to fork
and will simplify a lot the strace. Mind do send this strace too?

> i'm attaching the results. just a reminder: just because a bug
> can't be reproduced immediately, doesn't mean it doesn't exist :).

And that's why the bug is open :-) I added more information coming from
other tests so that also other users can see them and it is an implicit
explanation for me donwgrading the severity to important since the "core"
is working fine.


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