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Re: Bug#237763: (no subject)

Hi Simon,
	we need a bit more help from you now.

The first thing is to check the .htaccess in /var/www/nuit that it is
loaded immediatly before the crash. Try to remove it and see if the crash
still occours. At least that's my best guess since i can't say from the
strace if it happens with other urls.

Second thing i noticed you run nscd. Can you try to disable it?

Third thing (if the first fails) is to hunt down the module that has the
problem and we can use two different approches here. I leave up to you the
one you prefer since both of them will take time.

The first one would be to start from a fresh config with the minimal
amount of modules and see if that problem still happens, and start adding
one piece of config and relative associated module at a time, until we
don't spot the one causing the problem.

Otherwise we need to take out one module at a time with the running
config until we don't find the guilty one.

I would suggest with modules that are not shipped with the apache package
and from the apache package in particular apache_ssl_keynote (since it is
quite new and probably didn't receive all the tests required on all
archs), mod_imap (that is pretty old and unmaintained, iirc).

Another thing are the numbers of extensions you load in php4. Some of them
are known to be problematic and i know you told me that you have tested
without php4, but i would be glad if you can check if you are running the
latest pkgs for php4 and do the test again. Excluding php4 globally would
be the best.


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