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Re: default home page

Andrew Shugg <andrew@neep.com.au> writes:

> That's all fair enough.  File a bug against the woody version of
> Apache and it will receive due attention.  Include a unified diff
> for the file in question (/var/www/index.html) and it's even more
> likely to get a look.  =)

Done.  It's "intro.html" by the way...
> > Also, I don't like the link to apacheweek, as they aren't
> > particularly informative in getting things set up, and I don't
> > think we should be giving free advertisements to them in any case.

> They're not bad people though.  And free advertising is the best
> they can ask for: after all, they're a free publication.  They were
> recently brought in under the Red Hat umbrella but remain an
> independent and volunteer-driven newsletter.  At least insofar as I
> know.  I've been reading it for years, and until the Apache
> Documentation project got underway and set about revamping the
> official docs, the ApacheWeek web site was one of the best places to
> go for information on setting up HTTP AUTH, rotating log files,
> virtual hosts, etc.  Also every issue usually links to some
> interesting sites with information for new Apache admins, developers
> etc.

I vote -1 on including it, but that's just me.

Oh, I also dumped that Tom Boutell link, as it's pretty old...

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