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Re: default home page

David N. Welton said:
> Noticed a few things.  I don't want to file a bug without confirmation
> though, and I don't have an unstable/testing system.
> The default home page has this:
> ----
> More documentation on Apache can be found on:
>     * The Apache documentation stored on your server.
>     * The Apache Project home site.
>     * The ApacheWeek newsletter.
>     * The Debian Project Documentation which contains HOWTOs, FAQs, and software updates.
> ----
> That should probably be changed to 'the Apache Web Server' or
> something like that.  In the bullet points, 'Apache Project' isn't
> really correct.  There should be two - one for the Apache Software
> Foundation (www.apache.org) and the web server (httpd.apache.org).

That's all fair enough.  File a bug against the woody version of Apache
and it will receive due attention.  Include a unified diff for the file
in question (/var/www/index.html) and it's even more likely to get a
look.  =)

> Also, I don't like the link to apacheweek, as they aren't particularly
> informative in getting things set up, and I don't think we should be
> giving free advertisements to them in any case.

They're not bad people though.  And free advertising is the best they
can ask for: after all, they're a free publication.  They were recently
brought in under the Red Hat umbrella but remain an independent and
volunteer-driven newsletter.  At least insofar as I know.  I've been
reading it for years, and until the Apache Documentation project got
underway and set about revamping the official docs, the ApacheWeek web
site was one of the best places to go for information on setting up HTTP
AUTH, rotating log files, virtual hosts, etc.  Also every issue usually
links to some interesting sites with information for new Apache admins,
developers etc.


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