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Re: Apache 2 with SSL dies

Hi Thom May,

>> I experienced a power cut so I thought I better check that my web sites
>> had come back up. I was surprised to discover that they had not, nor
>> had my backup server. If the reboot is the only reason I found out
>> about this then there may be a grave error waiting to happen to others.
> It's quite likely that the session caches are still around from before
> the power failure. As they exist apache2 won't try and recreate them and
> therefore stops.
> Just delete the two SSLSessionCache's and restart.

Thanks Thom! You were of course right. I've added the forced removal of
the session cache files to my apache2 startup script to give the server a
fighting chance of working if there's a future power failure/dirty

I was right in the middle of backing up my days work on my workstation
when the power failure happened. The ext3fs driver flawlessly rolled back
my disk to a clean state just before the backup directory and files were


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