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Re: What is the evidence for and against systemd?

On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 03:34:45PM +0200, jp.pozzi@izzop.net wrote:
> I really hate systemd, since it is installed on one of my machine
> starting and stopping the system are painful.
> Starting is more than one minute with the X screen appearing at the very
> end.
> Stopping is the more painful thing, that machine wait more than 7
> minutes before to stop, other systems are stopping in less than 1
> minute. 
> As someone noticed "samba" is often the culprit taking 5 minutes to stop
> the service.
> I want really often to unplug the cord ! But didn't do it.
> Systemd is hard to understant and even harder to diagnose when something
> goes wrong as it did often.

At least the 5 minute wait for samba goes away if you clean up the
/etc/rc*.d/*samba symlinks that samba never removed when it split the
init script.  Those leftovers that no other init system is bothered by
really upset systemd.

Doesn't fix systemd's many problems, but at least removes the 5 minute
shutdown delay.

Len Sorensen

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