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Re: After a few weeks of almost no issues, Wheezy doesn't boot anymore

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 10:02:00AM -0400, Harry Prevor wrote:
> Thanks again for all your help guys. I was having a lot of problems,
> but I somehow managed to start the computer for just long enough to
> quickly install memtest86+ before it crashed with a kernel panic. On
> memtest, every single test was failing, so I decided to try taking out
> my two 8GB RAM sticks and testing them individually with memtest. Sure
> enough, one of my RAM sticks (Crucial brand; DDR3) had gone bad, and
> once it was removed Wheezy started working fine.

memtest is great at telling when there is an error for sure.  It's never
good at saying there isn't an error, since maybe it just didn't test
well enough.

But fortunately for you it did exactly what you needed.

Len Sorensen

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