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Re: "big" machines running Debian?

On 02/26/2009 05:49 PM, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 07:51:29AM +1100, Alex Samad wrote:
my rule of thumb is to always have atleast 2 partitions on the first 2
drives (3 if I have them), for a raid1 /boot and a raid1 /. the rest of
the space is put into a raid device then into lvm.  That gets rid of the
interesting tweaks.

Even with software raid1, setting up reliable boot from either drive
if one fails can be interesting, but it has gotten a lot better than it
used to be.

is that monitoring of the raid drives or the actual drives underneath, I
like having smartctl to give me access to the actual drive health

Well monitoring of raid health would be minimum.  Getting more details
would be nice.

As would auto-replacement of bad drives by hot spares.

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