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Re: boot screen


No I haven't. I never had the need to before. After trying a couple of things (and they fail) I will give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

Alex Samad wrote:
On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 07:18:36PM -0400, Philip Bernstein wrote:

   Thank you for the pointer to the web site.  I tried setting vga=ask
and that worked.  When I rebooted it asked me to choose from 6 different
settings (they were all 80 x 20 or 80 x 50 0F01or 80 x 60 0F07).  I
chose 80 x 60 and it continued to boot up and I was able to see the "ok"
on the right hand side (which is what I wanted).  But the story doesn't
end here.
   After the system came up I edited the menu.lst file and added
"vga=0F07" to the boot line.   Then I rebooted.  Well during the system
shutting down, there was nothing but garbage on the screen (it did close
the desktop and the rest of the apps normally).  It was just scrambled
nonsense.  Then the system was coming back up and guess what, thats
right it ignored the "vga=0F07" and booted as it always does with the

silly question did you run update-grub ?

right hand side off the screen????  But if I changed the line back to
"vga=ask" it works fine when I choose the 0F07 setting.
   Sorry didn't mean to ramble here just trying to be thorogh with what
happened.  Thank you for those web sites though.  They have lots of good


C M Reinehr wrote:


Philip Bernstein

A few hours grace before the madness begins again.

Philip Bernstein

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