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Re: Kernel panics on new machine

Rob Klingsten wrote:
Yes, I have the DIMMs in banks 1 and 2 out of 4 and I've removed and reseated them; I have swapped out the SATA cable, there are no PCI or PCI Express cards (system is headless.)

And it looks like it was just that easy; I pulled one DIMM and ran the system on a single 512, problem gone; I wrote out 3 separate 100gb files without incident.

It makes no sense to me as the RAM was fine in the other system, I never had problems.

Oh well, guess I'm getting new RAM.

thanks, sorry to trouble the list with such a trivial thing.


Well ... if you've got the cash, go get four 1 GB DIMMs. Athlon64 X2s work very well with 4 GB of RAM. :)

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