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Re: SATA drives not recognized on new install

Le samedi 28 avril 2007 à 15:30 -0700, Kenward Vaughan a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just built an amd box with a 5600+ processor on an MSI K9A Platinum
> MB.  The latest (as of yesterday) netinst version of debian-amd64 was
> used to boot up the system.  I saw none of the BIOS features which were
> mentioned on the installation page as things which had to be disabled,
> ran the memory up to 800 Mhz, etc., etc.

I had the same problem with another MB. The problem seems to be related
to the SB600 chip.
The only method I found to cope with is to use a kernel with the SATA
support totally disabled and putting the chip (BIOS) in "Legacy IDE
mode" if your BIOS has such an option.
I guess that the kernel > 2.6.20 will work as some enhancements have
been done in the kernel related to the SB600 chip.

Another problem is that the SATA drives are not created whith /dev/hd...
names but with /dev/sd....

If you can find an installer with a kernel > 2.6.20 I think that you 
will have a full working system without any problem.



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