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Re: run away processes.

Hi Chris,

> Ok I've got a program called kerry that runs a daemon:  beagled

Do you really need it ?
I guess you can install the components of kde-extras manually, without beagle...

> Then there is: kio_pop3 running from Kontact/Kmail. 

I never heard such problems with kmail before.
Are you on a dialup or is your network (wlan?) suffering from huge latency ?

Still you could try, for example, a smart mailer like Sylpheed-claws, which has 
great advanced featues for custom filtering and actions, or (more common but 
not smart) evolution or thunderbird.

> Then there is artsd, but that doesn't happen all that often, but will 
> definitely eat more than it's share, but not by much.

Weird. Are you sure it's not kernelspace or the sound backend (like alsa) 
causing problems ? Yet, you can tune down the level of desktop sounds 
in kcontrol.

> Openoffice.org once and a while will entirely stop the desktop 

Openoffice always had some minor problems, in my experience, expecially 
wiuth window managers. But it's not eassy to keep such a complex thing ready 
for different OS and archs...But there is no real alternative. Be patient.

> need to ssh in to restart KDM

Not even ctrl alt F1 possible ? Weird.

Make sure there are no kernel problems behind (look into kern.log and dmesg).


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