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Re: PovRAY - Where are you?

On Fri, Apr 27, 2007 at 12:49:02AM +0200, fred wrote:
> The question is thus : why ?
> x86_64 staff does mind debugging povray, or this is simply a license issue ?
> If this is a license issue, it should not be available under i686, no ?
> Does somebody know the _real_ explanation ?
> Crash under x86_64 is not a explanation ;-)

Well it appears that povray started to support 64bit in v3.6.1c for
windows, and for windows and linux in 3.7 betas.  Their current beta
apparently expired on march 19 though so who knows where you can get
anything to try.

Of course since you can't seem to get current source code of the
development tree, only release versions, it would be silly for anyone to
waste their time on 64 bit fixes when upstream is already doing that in
their next version and supposedly already has it working for 64bit,
except not released to the public yet.

Len Sorensen

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