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Re: run away processes.

C Wakefield <c_wakefield@shaw.ca>:
> I've been experiencing a few different application run away processes of late 
> and I'm wondering if there is a way to prevent _any_ process to hog system 
> resources?

But there shouldn't be any 'run away' processes in the first hand (what do you mean by run away?).
Granted you're running some special stuff - but i'm curious what is it, then? 

My desktop is a comparable machine. When i launch lots of interactive noisy firefox tabs, while compiling some sourcecode, while backups are copied on USB or through NFS, while LAN samba, nfs, apache servers are always responding to requests. what the heck. Then still the only app that crashes from time to time is firefox trying to open incompatible flash or java applets. Which is partly my fault, since i am too busy to install more optimal things.


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