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Re: googleearth

Thanks Hans.

> Add the path to the libs in ld.so.conf. 

Looks like didn't have to tweak anything manually (after using the --force 
option), maybe cause this is googleearth-package 0.6 then ?

> Remeber to install nvidia-glx-32

I did. (Do i really need to? I not even roughly understand what each of the 
various nvida packages is for)

At some point xorg couldn't find a proper nvidia driver, no matter i recompiled
the module from the source for kernel 2.6.18 with m-a. I could solve it by updating 
anything to kernel 2.6.20 and to nvidia-<stuff> 0.9755, from unstable. 
I recompiled the new sources, dunno why but now it's working.

> NOT install it in the chroot. 



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