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Re: run away processes.

On Thursday 26 April 2007 04:32, Michael wrote:
> But there shouldn't be any 'run away' processes in the first hand (what do
> you mean by run away?). Granted you're running some special stuff - but i'm
> curious what is it, then?
Hi M.
Run away, as in I have to <CNTL><ALT><F1> to get a console to kill the process 
to get my desktop to move again.  I run htop to find a process running 
at %100 cpu usage.
Ok I've got a program called kerry that runs a daemon:  beagled - this dang 
thing uses up-to %50 of both cpus.
Then there is: kio_pop3 running from Kontact/Kmail.  This Kmail has been a 
problem for almost 2 years, over 2 installs, first it didn't download mail, 
now that has given way to just consuming resources up to 100% at times, so I 
have to kill it.
Then there is artsd, but that doesn't happen all that often, but will 
definitely eat more than it's share, but not by much.
Openoffice.org once and a while will entirely stop the desktop to the point I 
need to ssh in to restart KDM.  This only happens when I click on the Menu 
item:   'File' when I don't have a blinking cursor on the document.  (I guess 
this should be my first clue not to use it!)
Thanks for your interest,
Chris W.

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