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RE: 2D,3D,nvidia,nv?

IMHO I don't see the point in having a GeForce 7300 GT unless you are at
least enabling its power/capabilities.  The 2D nv driver is fine but the
nvidia driver is better.  Sure you have to either compile from sources
yourself or run the nvidia sh downloadable install but no more hassle than
that.  I recently went dual head using a dual DVI AGP 8x XFX GeForce 6800
Xtreme (didn't want to upgrade all hardware) with blah,blah,blah and when I
installed the 3D, glxgears reports 10,890 FPS!  Can't complain.  The 2D is
lightning fast.  You can always try the 3D install and if you do not like it
simply change a few lines in your xorg.conf file and you are back in 2D and
no worse for the wear.

I am afraid that the clear image you seek will be more a function of the
quality of your display unit (CRT?, FPD?) rather than your video adapter or
its configuration under xorg.  For clarity you want highest resolution,
lowest dot pitch, excellent contrast ratio and good brightness.


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> Subject: 2D,3D,nvidia,nv?
> I'm running etch amd64 and installing xorg for the first time 
> on this box.  I have an Asus 7300GT video board that uses the 
> nVidia GeForce 7300 GT chips.
> As I understand it (AIUI?), if I use the nv driver I get 2D 
> hardware accel and if I use the nvidia driver (glx, kernel 
> modules, et al) I get 3D accel.
> I don't do games.  I've got a monitor that will do 1600x1280 
> & 75 Hz.  I want a nice clear image for daily work.  Later on 
> (when I get a video capture card), I want to do some light 
> video editing, watching TV, DVDs, etc.
> Do I need the 3D or other goodies of the nVidia driver or 
> should I just go with the nv?
> Thanks,
> Doug.
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