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Re: 2D,3D,nvidia,nv?

On Sunday 17 December 2006 21:03, Brian R. Whitecotton wrote:
> IMHO I don't see the point in having a GeForce 7300 GT unless you are at
> least enabling its power/capabilities.

A 7300GT is a fairly bottom-of-the-line card. It's the cheapest card I've seen 
that has dual-link DVI connectors (required for big, high resolution 

> The 2D nv driver is fine but the nvidia driver is better.

Your definition of better is very different to mine.

The open source does everything I need (high resolution, fast 2d, video).
The binary driver doesn't work at all under Xen, and locks up periodically on 
half my machines.

> Sure you have to either compile from sources yourself or run the nvidia sh
> downloadable install

That will result in a broken Debian system. Use module-assistant if you need 
the binary driver.


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