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Re: 2D,3D,nvidia,nv?

On Sun December 17 2006 12:09, Douglas Tutty wrote:
> I'm running etch amd64 and installing xorg for the first time on this
> box.  I have an Asus 7300GT video board that uses the nVidia GeForce
> 7300 GT chips.
> As I understand it (AIUI?), if I use the nv driver I get 2D hardware
> accel and if I use the nvidia driver (glx, kernel modules, et al) I get
> 3D accel.
> I don't do games.  I've got a monitor that will do 1600x1280 & 75 Hz.  I
> want a nice clear image for daily work.  Later on (when I get a video
> capture card), I want to do some light video editing, watching TV, DVDs,
> etc.
> Do I need the 3D or other goodies of the nVidia driver or should I just
> go with the nv?

I have an nvidia FX 5700LE. I have never had any problem with the nv driver 
but I use the m-a built (actually at the moment I'm using the pre-built 
binaries from testing/unstable) so that games work as expected. If the nv 
driver is doing what you need done you don't need to upgrade. If your using 
testing or unstable you may want to install them and see if they make any 
difference or not.

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