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I'm running etch amd64 and installing xorg for the first time on this
box.  I have an Asus 7300GT video board that uses the nVidia GeForce
7300 GT chips.

As I understand it (AIUI?), if I use the nv driver I get 2D hardware
accel and if I use the nvidia driver (glx, kernel modules, et al) I get
3D accel.

I don't do games.  I've got a monitor that will do 1600x1280 & 75 Hz.  I
want a nice clear image for daily work.  Later on (when I get a video
capture card), I want to do some light video editing, watching TV, DVDs,

Do I need the 3D or other goodies of the nVidia driver or should I just
go with the nv?



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