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Re: 2D,3D,nvidia,nv?

On Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 01:03:38PM -0800, Brian R. Whitecotton wrote:
> IMHO I don't see the point in having a GeForce 7300 GT unless you are at
> least enabling its power/capabilities.  The 2D nv driver is fine but the
> nvidia driver is better.  Sure you have to either compile from sources
> yourself or run the nvidia sh downloadable install but no more hassle than
> that.  I recently went dual head using a dual DVI AGP 8x XFX GeForce 6800
> Xtreme (didn't want to upgrade all hardware) with blah,blah,blah and when I
> installed the 3D, glxgears reports 10,890 FPS!  Can't complain.  The 2D is
> lightning fast.  You can always try the 3D install and if you do not like it
> simply change a few lines in your xorg.conf file and you are back in 2D and
> no worse for the wear.
> I am afraid that the clear image you seek will be more a function of the
> quality of your display unit (CRT?, FPD?) rather than your video adapter or
> its configuration under xorg.  For clarity you want highest resolution,
> lowest dot pitch, excellent contrast ratio and good brightness.

That's why its a 21" CRT flat screen drafting monitor :-)

What is 3D used for other than games?  

When I get to watching videos, does the nv driver access the hardware



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