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Re: AMD64-generic doesn't see all 4GB RAM?

On Tue, Nov 07, 2006 at 11:07:56PM +0100, Daniel Tryba wrote:
> Well, I personally have been trying debian kernels for a couple of
> weeks. A machine that has been running Debian/unstable with custom
> kernels for the last couple of years and always has been very stable,
> now is not detecting the soundcard every couple of reboots. And since I
> can't (mainly to lazy to figure out how to) get VMWare Server to work
> anymore (I can't seem to find the correct headers for the installed
> kernel) I'm making the same conclusion I made a couple of years ago:
> custom kernels are much more reliable and easier.

If your kernel is linux-image-x.y.z-w then the header package is
linux-headers-x.y.z-w.  If your kernel is out of date and no longer in
the archives, then you should upgrade to one that is if you want

> (also rebuilding the initrd a couple of times in a single update on a slow
> machine is no fun to watch)

I am not sure why that has started happening.  It is a fairly recent

I used to build my own kernels, but with 2.6 I just don't bother
anymore.  The debian provided ones are perfect and just work.  With
2.6.0 early on I always had trouble making a kernel that would actually
boot, while the premade kernels just worked, so I stopped bothering, and
found out I wasn't missing any features.

I also find initramfs handles LVM and software raid nicely, both of
which I use, so I will stick with the modular kernels.

Len Sorensen

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