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Re: K8 Mainboards Linux compatibility list

On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 01:59:30PM +0200, tomek.fizyk@op.pl wrote:
> Hi. You wrote that you have no problems with your MB with nForce3.
> I have 2 questions.
> I have also a MB with nForce3 and have some problems with the intel8x0
> sound driver. (My MB is AsRock K8Upgrade-NF3).
> My chipset's full name is nForce 3 250. The snd_intel8x0 does not see
> the MIDI device. I know that the sound chip in the nForce3 250 has the
> MIDI support - when I used windows some time ago the MIDI worked and
> it was not any MIDI emultion but true MIDI device was detected by the
> drivers. So is is because the snd_intel8x0 does not support MIDI (do you
> have MIDI in support your system)?

There are MIDI ports, and then there are MIDI synthesizers.  If you have
a game port, you almost certainly have MIDI port support on it.  MIDI
synthesizers is another issue, and I am almost certain the nforce3 does
NOT have any midi synthesizer ability.  The driver under windows might
emulate one though.

> The second problem is related to Debian AMD64 only - the problem was
> not present on Debian i386 (do you use the Debian AMD64?).
> The sound driver can be used only by one app at a time (for example
> when I listen to music with xmms the KDE has no access to the sound
> device; or when KDE uses the sound device (through aRts) no other app
> has access to the sound device, etc). One of the apps ran in console
> printed an error msg saying that there is no /dev/dsp-1 device.

Which kernel version do you use under i386 vs amd64?  Are you using the
same driver for the sound under both (snd-intel8x0 vs i810audio for
example.  One is alsa the other oss).  Newer kernels I believe supprot
dmix automatically, while older kernels require userspace to handle
setting up dmix.

> I would like to know if these are general problems or if only I have them.

Pretty general I think.

Len Sorensen

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