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Re: K8 Mainboards Linux compatibility list

Użytkownik Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> napisał:
>There are MIDI ports, and then there are MIDI synthesizers.  If you have
>a game port, you almost certainly have MIDI port support on it.  MIDI
>synthesizers is another issue, and I am almost certain the nforce3 does
>NOT have any midi synthesizer ability.  The driver under windows might
>emulate one though.

My MB does have the gameport.

>Which kernel version do you use under i386 vs amd64?  Are you using the
>same driver for the sound under both (snd-intel8x0 vs i810audio for
>example.  One is alsa the other oss).  Newer kernels I believe supprot
>dmix automatically, while older kernels require userspace to handle
>setting up dmix.

It turned out that the ALSA was wrong configured (as I mentioned in previous
mail). On both systems I use snd_intel8x0 and both kernels are in 2.6.17

And one more thing. Does anybody know if the snd_intel8x0 supports
8 channel sound (7.1)? My card has 8 output channels but I haven't
any occasion to check if all of them are supported by the driver.
I have doubts because in a mixer program that I use (kmix) in
"channel mode" combobox there are only three positions: "2ch", "4ch" and
"6ch". I am sure that my card has 8 channels - there 4 audio output jacks
and 2 audio input jacks. Besides it is well documented in the MB's manual.


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