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Re: K8 Mainboards Linux compatibility list

Hi. You wrote that you have no problems with your MB with nForce3.
I have 2 questions.
I have also a MB with nForce3 and have some problems with the intel8x0
sound driver. (My MB is AsRock K8Upgrade-NF3).
My chipset's full name is nForce 3 250. The snd_intel8x0 does not see
the MIDI device. I know that the sound chip in the nForce3 250 has the
MIDI support - when I used windows some time ago the MIDI worked and
it was not any MIDI emultion but true MIDI device was detected by the
drivers. So is is because the snd_intel8x0 does not support MIDI (do you
have MIDI in support your system)?

The second problem is related to Debian AMD64 only - the problem was
not present on Debian i386 (do you use the Debian AMD64?).
The sound driver can be used only by one app at a time (for example
when I listen to music with xmms the KDE has no access to the sound
device; or when KDE uses the sound device (through aRts) no other app
has access to the sound device, etc). One of the apps ran in console
printed an error msg saying that there is no /dev/dsp-1 device.

I would like to know if these are general problems or if only I have them.


Użytkownik Bruno Kleinert <fuddl@gmx.de> napisał:
>i can report a gigabyte ga-k8ns pro mainboard as working perfectly.
>mainboard:gigabyte ga-k8ns pro
>ata raid:ite gigaraid
>sata:nforce, sata_sil
>scsi:- (none on board)
>network:skge, sk98lin
>cheers, bruno "fuddl"
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