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Re: K8 Mainboards Linux compatibility list

tomek.fizyk@op.pl wrote:
Użytkownik Jo Shields <jo.shields@comlab.ox.ac.uk> napisał:
So check to see what drivers are actually being used, how they're configured - and especially whether a daemon like aRts or ESD is getting involved.

snd-intel8x0 cannot & will not do mixing in the absence of a sound daemon, unless "DMIX" is configured.

The "easy" option to sound on Linux is to buy a Creative Labs EMU10K1-based card, such as an Audigy or Live (with a few exceptions). They have hardware MIDI support, and hardware mixing, so you never need to worry about what output mode a given app is using (they all work at the same time).

I've checked the configuration on both systems and it turned out that ALSA
configuration on the AMD64 Debian was wrong. I've changed the config
so it is now the same as in the i386 Debian and now the sound device
works fine.

What I also learnt is that both systems use ALSA only and only skype
uses /dev/dsp.

I've also checked my autio system in kinfocenter and my audio device is:
0: NVidia CK8S (DUPLEX)
and mixer is:
0: Realtek ALC850 rev 0

The "installed driver" is:
Type 10: ALSA emulation
Don't know what it means, but the mixer seems to be hardware (judging
from the name - there is no "sw" nor "generic" in the name. Am I right?).

Anyway thanks for help in making my sound system working correctly.


DMIX is done automatically on all modern ALSA releases (1.0.9rc2 or higher). You'll still be restricted to one application at a time for OSS (i.e. anything that addresses /dev/dsp directly), as the OSS emulation module (snd-pcm-oss) will devour all sound-related resources.

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