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ATI driver slow: which way to look ?

Hi all, 

this time I am looking for a way to find out a problem and to understand, how 
things are working.

I have a 64-Bit notebook with installed ia32-libs. My graphic-card is a X700 
made by ATI (yes, ATI sux !) and Xorg7. 

All 3D-acceleration functions are accessible and working, But they work real 
slow. I do not think, it is the driver itself. 

Please Imagine it is sure, the driver itself and the kernel-module are o.k. , 
and imagine there is no mistake either in the driver nor in the kernel-module 
and all is loaded correctly, then IMO the error must be somewhere else.

How can I check the rest of the graphics-environment ? Are there any ways i.e. 
to proove the speed of my pcie-bus ? Are there any ways, to proove, if some 
other things make my system slow , maybe some other modules/software which 
conflict with the graphics ?

What I want to say is: I do not believe, that the driver is buggy, I believe, 
something else but the drivver makes the graphics slow (glxgears shows 50FPS, 
I wrote some about it some times ago)    

And this is just what I try to find out. I do have the hope, that some 
graphical expert might show me another way, how to check. I am always fond of 
learning something new !

Best regards


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