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Re: Problem with recent udev upgrade (0.097-1)

On 08/19/06 12:55:57PM +0200, Sylvain Archenault wrote:
> Hi,
> This morning, I upgraded udev to 0.097-1 from 0.093-1. After reboot,
> I've got problem with my usb mouse and my usb wifi adapter. I solved
> those problems by adding the corresponding module to /etc/modules.
> I still have problems with my sound card (Realtek ALC850 on Asus K8N-E
> Deluxe board), I can't find the correct module. I was thinking it was
> snd-intel_8x0, but it doesn't works fine.
> On boot time, i noticed a lot of errors coming from udev, telling an
> error occurred while look up for group audio (but also nogroup), the
> reason is "illegal seek" (I don't find those lines in log files). Those
> errors might the cause of my problem.
> I found nothing interesting on the internet, neither in udev bugs.


> I aslo tried to downgrade to 0.093-1, but I still got the same errors at
> startup.

As someone else mentioned it's a bug in a klibc function that udev just
started using, if you downgrade udev it won't fix anything unless you
regenerate your initramfs image. Or you could just wait a day or so as an
updated klibc has been uploaded today.


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