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Re: Problem with recent udev upgrade (0.097-1)

This morning, I upgraded udev to 0.097-1 from 0.093-1. After reboot,
I've got problem with my usb mouse and my usb wifi adapter. I solved
those problems by adding the corresponding module to /etc/modules.

I still have problems with my sound card (Realtek ALC850 on Asus K8N-E
Deluxe board), I can't find the correct module. I was thinking it was
snd-intel_8x0, but it doesn't works fine.

On boot time, i noticed a lot of errors coming from udev, telling an
error occurred while look up for group audio (but also nogroup), the
reason is "illegal seek" (I don't find those lines in log files). Those
errors might the cause of my problem.

I hate to "me too" these emails, but I've seen the same problem. I
have three boxes with this problem here - 1 AMD64 box and two 32bit
boxes. All of them don't see the USB mouse upon boot. Upon unplugging
and replugging the mouse they work ok. I also lost the sound card on
one of the 32bit boxes.

But that's ok... what's the fun of running unstable if this doesn't
happen every so often? (This doesn't affect me much at the moment).

Have fun...

Daniel Foote.

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