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Re: install-mbr on amd64?

I use ms-sys with "-s" option just a week ago in simular situation.
As far as I know, you can't indicate grub to load from /dev/md0, only lilo can do this. And there is no need to recompile the kernel, the debian distributed kernel with the yaird as
initrd creator can load the system in your situation.

Thanks a lot for your reply!

I'm using lilo as bootloader, but as grub is way more modern, I might just switch to grub.

The thing is, the machine I'm working on is remote and I have no console access, so everything is a bit tricky. It's already running, has two identical SATA disks, the second one (sdb) is not used. What I want to do is create a RAID 1 array with only sdb (but with the possibility to add sda later). Then I boot from this new RAID array, repartition sda and add it to the RAID array. I've gotten so far as setting up the RAID array, chrooting into it and bootstrap a Debian system on it, compile an new kernel, but when it comes to set up bootloaders, the howto I'm using <http://juerd.nl/site.plp/debianraid> tells me to run:

 $ lilo
 $ install-mbr /dev/sda
 $ install-mbr /dev/sdb

Do you think I could accomplish the same result by only using grub?

    -- Kilian

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