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Re: X86_64 on Shuttle-XPC ST20G5

On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 04:37:52PM -0800, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> That's just too funny.
> This is pure rationalizing of all the hassles you've had to go through
> to get nvidia video cards working.  Christ, you have to get a kernel
> module built and installed every time you make yourself a new kernel,
> what a PITA.  I've got an ATI X300SE PCIe on my system, came right up
> with X when I installed etch, it works fast and furious, I didn't have
> to do anything except answer a couple of questions from debconf (or
> whatever) when it was installing.  All the bending and twisting I've
> read on this list to get nvidia video cards working make me laugh when
> I hear ignorant comments like this.  I've got a laptop with an nvidia
> controller, and I have to go throught the nvidia pain all the time.
> With this version of the driver, fonts are funky, with that version of
> the driver, you can't use kernel version xxx ... it's never ending.

It takes less than 1 minute to make an nvidia card work on Debian in
general.  Newer kernels sometimes require going and grabbing the debs
for the nvidia driver from experimental, but at least there are newer
drivers that work.  It took a while before anyone got ati's drivers to
even compile with 2.6.12 when it came out.  ATI has burned me enough
times over the years with crap driver support so I have learned to stay
away from them.

> As for their chipset chips, I've no experience so I won't say anything.
> Perhaps they suck ~:^)  My amd64 system (Tyan K8WE) is fabulous with the
> nforce4 chipset, I must say.
> To get 3d working, it's a bit of work regardless of which you choose.
> For for fast and easy as pie 2d, ATI just works.

So does nvidia, actually I have had much more luck getting nvidia chips
to just work with the nv driver than I have had with ati chips
(especially mobile chips).  Until very recently I couldn't get the ati
on a dell d610 to work at all except by loading the radeonfb driver and
running X on that (and then the console was screwed).  Neither the ati
radeon driver in xfree86 or the fglrx driver had any support for the
chip until a few months ago.

Len Sorensen

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