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Re: How to install nvidia driver

Graham Smith wrote:

On Sunday 13 November 2005 00:30, Alan Ianson wrote:
On Sat November 12 2005 04:01 pm, Stefan Salewski wrote:

next week I will try to install debian-amd64 on a new computer
with a nvidia graphic card (7800GTX).

I don't really like these closed source drivers from ati and
nvidia, but I think I have to use it.

I have just done some google search about debian and nvidia
drivers. Some people recommend not to install the nvidia way,
but to use the debian way. I found only one detailed explanation
about how to do it:


This tutorial is very nice, but I am not sure if it is an
official debian recommendation and if it will work for AMD64

Can you comment on this? Are there other tutorials around? Will I
have only textmode available until I install the nvidia driver,
or will the X-Org driver give me  an unaccelerated graphical
You can use the "nv" driver in the mean time. That's what I have been using
here and it works fine. I don't know for sure what the difference is but I
think if you want 3D acceleration (for gaming) you may need the nvidia
drivers. I've been trying to get them installed too, so I'll be watching
this thread.

The difference, at least to my eyes, is much better font rendering and a generally over all shaper image with the nvidia drivers compared to nv. I didn't realize that a driver could make so much difference but switching to nvidia after using nv for a while was like getting a new monitor.

Having said that I can't get the nvidia drivers to work with 2.6.14 but they work fine with 2.6.12.


2.6.14 requires newer drivers than those in sarge or sid:

* add "deb-src http://mirror.ox.ac.uk/debian experimental main contrib non-free" to /etc/apt/sources.list
* go to a new empty folder
* "apt-get update"
* "apt-get source -t experimental nvidia-glx"
* "apt-get build-dep nvidia-glx"
* "cd nvidia*"
* "dpkg-buildpackage"
* "cd .."
* "dpkg -i nvidia-kernel-source*"
* "apt-get install module-assistant build-essential"
* "cat /proc/version" - make sure your kernel's gcc is installed (e.g. gcc-3.4 must be installed if your kernel was compiled with gcc 3.4.x) * "wget ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/contrib/n/nvidia-kernel-common/nvidia-kernel-common_20051028+1_all.deb";
* "dpkg -i nvidia-kernel-common*"
* "m-a a-i nvidia"
* "dpkg -i nvidia-glx_*"
* "dpkg -i nvidia-glx-i*"
* "dpkg -i nvidia-set*"

Change your X server as per usual. I think some people make their generated packages available on the web.

--Jo Shields

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