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Re: lockup at boot with kernel 2.6.14...

Am Freitag, den 11.11.2005, 16:37 -0200 schrieb Eduardo M KALINOWSKI:

> I have an Asus motherboard (K8U-X, and it seems nobody else has this
> brand) and it has the "EZ Flash" feature in which you can update the
> bios by copying the image to a floppy and pressing a key (Alt-F2) during
> boot. Perhaps your motherboard has this feature too.

My Asus K8V Deluxe has this feature also, however, not every ASUS board
can do this.
I have updated my Bios several times that way and it worked perfect
(except that you have to reconfigure the complete bios... grmbl...)

However, I had ASUS boards before that could not upgrade that way (i.e.
my old A7V), but there has always been a different way. Asus provides
DOS-Tools (without warranty), and I used a free DOS (Freedos?) from the
Web. This worked also.

However, be careful loading bootdisks from the web. Some years ago I
just took a bootdisk from bootdisk.com, and the disk contained a virus
that erases the bios. I had to buy a new chip. Unbelievable - I ran a M$
OS once in five years and i catch malware. =%-)


P.S.: I really can recommend Asus. Even they don't care Linux
officially, their "inoffical" support always worked perfect for me. No,
I don not work for them nor do I own parts of that company. :-)

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