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Re: lockup at boot with kernel 2.6.14...


Am Donnerstag, den 10.11.2005, 12:50 +0100 schrieb Giacomo Mulas:
>  	Hello, I am experiencing a very strange behaviour on my Asus A6k
> Turion64 laptop running sid. It used to work ok with a custom-compiled (from
> the debian-packaged source) 2.6.12 kernel. When the debian-packaged source
> for 2.6.14 became available, I copied over my old .config, did a make
> oldconfig answering the relevant questions, built a new kernel without any
> errors, installed it.
>  	Then I experienced this weird situation: the system boots, loads the
> ramdisk, does its initial setup, mounts the root filesystem, switches
> root... all ok until it gets to starting udev. Then udev's hotplug kicks in
> and starts loading modules and... in an erratic, unpredictable way, it hangs
> while loading the usb hcd module, without any error message. Sometimes it
> does, sometimes it doesn't and the boot procedure then goes smooth and the
> computer runs without a hitch thereafter. It does not happen at all with
> 2.6.12, therefore it must be something which changed between 2.6.12 and
> 2.6.14 (a shipload of things, unfortunately...). I was unable to relate the
> hangs to anything, they seem to be just random. The only thing which is
> reproducible is that the system always hangs (when it does) while loading
> the ehci_hcd module. I did not even file a bug report yet, since I don't
> quite understand whether this is a kernel or a udev issue.

Same here on sid/x86.

Please scroll up using shift-PgUp. It looked the same here: The machine
bootet into a kind of "emergency shell" with limited features. So I get
a prompt. But then(!) the fresh loaded USB-modules produce a lot of
output, so the real problem ist described four pages up. The last
messages you can see on screen is that output. I accidently pressed
return and was very surprised to get a prompt. 

The problem for me was that kernel2.6.14/udec/initramfd/whoever changes
my drives order while booting. 
Instead of

...I suddenly had:


I managed to get my machine kind-of booting by building a new kernel,
where I included lots of modules for board, ide, sata, fs,...

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