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lockup at boot with kernel 2.6.14...

	Hello, I am experiencing a very strange behaviour on my Asus A6k
Turion64 laptop running sid. It used to work ok with a custom-compiled (from
the debian-packaged source) 2.6.12 kernel. When the debian-packaged source
for 2.6.14 became available, I copied over my old .config, did a make
oldconfig answering the relevant questions, built a new kernel without any
errors, installed it.
	Then I experienced this weird situation: the system boots, loads the
ramdisk, does its initial setup, mounts the root filesystem, switches
root... all ok until it gets to starting udev. Then udev's hotplug kicks in
and starts loading modules and... in an erratic, unpredictable way, it hangs
while loading the usb hcd module, without any error message. Sometimes it
does, sometimes it doesn't and the boot procedure then goes smooth and the
computer runs without a hitch thereafter. It does not happen at all with
2.6.12, therefore it must be something which changed between 2.6.12 and
2.6.14 (a shipload of things, unfortunately...). I was unable to relate the
hangs to anything, they seem to be just random. The only thing which is
reproducible is that the system always hangs (when it does) while loading
the ehci_hcd module. I did not even file a bug report yet, since I don't
quite understand whether this is a kernel or a udev issue.

Any hints?

Bye, Giacomo


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