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Re: lockup at boot with kernel 2.6.14...

Giacomo Mulas wrote:

> I found in the linux kernel mailing list a thread which almost exactly
> describes my same problem. The person reporting it solved it by a BIOS
> upgrade, which is going to be my next try. Of course, while I immediately
> found a BIOS image, this is not even a bootable disk image, it is
> supposed
> to be installed using a dedicated Winzozz utility. This is crazy. Can
> anybody help me upgrading the BIOS on my linux-only Asus A6K without
> having
> to install some sort of win XP on it???
I have an Asus motherboard (K8U-X, and it seems nobody else has this
brand) and it has the "EZ Flash" feature in which you can update the
bios by copying the image to a floppy and pressing a key (Alt-F2) during
boot. Perhaps your motherboard has this feature too.

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