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Re: Dependency problems with Xorg

ERIIX Blaike wrote:
> Harald Dunkel wrote:
>>AFAIK there is a new libglu1-xorg in the queue. I'm waiting,
> So this one will have Replaces: libglu1?

Sorry, I was wrong with this. I mixed this up with
another library.

Correct me if I am wrong again: The new libglu1-xorg
in Debian has been compiled with g++-4.0, i.e. it is
based upon the new C++ ABI "1002" (aka "version 2").
It is incompatible to the old libglu1 built with
g++ 3.2.x. See


The only way to make the packages based upon libglu1
work again is to change the dependency information
to 'libglu1-xorg' and to rebuild the package using the
new C++ compiler. But this requires that _all_ C++
libraries in the dependency chain follow the new C++ ABI.



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