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Re: Dependency problems with Xorg

Alexander Voss wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just updated from xfree to xorg and everything is running nice and smooth.
> But...
> There is one big dependency problem I cannot solve: The "libglu1" library is
> replaced by "libglu1-xorg". But "libxine1" depends on "libglu1". And
> kdemultimedia, vlc and some other packages depend on "libxine1".
> For the moment everything is running fine - as long as I don't start
> aptitude. 'couse it wants to remove all of my multimedia packages (they are
> still running wonderfull!) due to unresolveable broken dependency.
> Is this problem known? Does anyone have an Idea how to solve this problem?!?

AFAIK there is a new libglu1-xorg in the queue. I'm waiting,



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