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Dependency problems with Xorg

Hi all,
I just updated from xfree to xorg and everything is running nice and smooth.
There is one big dependency problem I cannot solve: The "libglu1" library is
replaced by "libglu1-xorg". But "libxine1" depends on "libglu1". And
kdemultimedia, vlc and some other packages depend on "libxine1".
For the moment everything is running fine - as long as I don't start
aptitude. 'couse it wants to remove all of my multimedia packages (they are
still running wonderfull!) due to unresolveable broken dependency.
Is this problem known? Does anyone have an Idea how to solve this problem?!?


AMD64 3400 Notebook running Debian unstable (amd64) with Vanilla Kernel
2.6.13-rc1 (www.kernel.org  - no patches)

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