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Re: konqueror on chroot

On 7/12/05, Marcin Dębicki <neo777n@poczta.onet.pl> wrote:
> Everything from howto is done setp by step

Well, I didn't. I had an existing 32bit installation, that I mounted
in a chroot. I just checked again, I have /tmp, /dev, /proc and /home
mounted from the root system, and /var/run/mysql for obvious reasons.
Then I did set up dchroot, and it just worked.

> KDE creates all files in user's directory and /tmp. I haven't found any
> interesting things in /var

True, I just tested it and it works fine. Konqueror uses the existing
KDE demons, and does not spawn any new processes (unless there was no
kio_http running yet).

However, my system uses KDE 3.4 from Ubuntu, so it is not really the
same. I would recommend to upgrade anyway. If you ever use kpdf, the
improvements made there alone are worth the upgrade.

Maybe the problem has been fixed in 3.4. I admit the evidence is not
conclusive, so I wont promiss anything. Which ever version you choose,
make sure that KDE is exactly the same version in both environments.

One more thing you can try is to configure a 64bit chroot environment
the same way you did the 32bit chroot. If that works, that is a hint
for a software design issue.


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