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Re: GPG burns my notebook!

antongiulio05 wrote:
>>>At start, notebook temperature was for thermal 1: 40 C and thermal 2: 47 C (from 'acpi -V'). Running command above (and so 'gpg' process) my system becomes unstable (auto key pressing etc.), and temperature is jumped to 55 C for 1, and 88 C for 2 in one minute. Top command returned 'gpg' cpu-usage 99%. Is it a debian problem or a notebook strange behavior? I have an acer 1524wlmi.
>>It's normal for CPU activity to increase heat. It's a hardware problem if 
>>it increases that much.
>>Get it serviced!
> Yes:) However I'm running (how Gnu-Raiz suggests) "prime 95" to stress processor. Temperature is constant. And it doesn't show unstability. I'll continue test for many hours again.
> Thanks,
> Giulio

You should also try burnK7 of the cpuburn package. Unfortunately there
isn't an amd64 deb of cpuburn, but it works fine in my i386 chroot.

This thread inspired me to run a few tests to see what program makes my
CPU run the hottest. My somewhat overclocked machine had been running
for over a month, even with me playing games in hotter weather than it
is now -- and burnK7 crashed my computer.

I wrote a script to test several programs and graph the temperatures
reached. I thought it might be of general interest so I attached it and
the output on my machine.

Run the script with no arguments for a usage explanation. It's meant to
be tweaked and I wrote it in such a way that it should be easy to do so.
Just put the script in an empty directory somewhere first; it makes a
lot of intermediate data files when it runs the tests.

I won't be around for the next week but I wanted to get that out before
this thread sinks into oblivion.


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