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Re: GPG burns my notebook!

Dne so 9. července 2005 20:07 Corey Hickey napsal(a):
> You should also try burnK7 of the cpuburn package. Unfortunately there
> isn't an amd64 deb of cpuburn, but it works fine in my i386 chroot.
> This thread inspired me to run a few tests to see what program makes my
> CPU run the hottest. My somewhat overclocked machine had been running
> for over a month, even with me playing games in hotter weather than it
> is now -- and burnK7 crashed my computer.

I just out of curiosity tried burnK7 on my nearly 2y old A64 3200+ (oldest 
2GHz 754 socket version) and after 15 minutes CPU raises from 42 to 43 
degrees (using ondemand governor I have 800MHz idle), but system temperature 
raises from some 38 to 58 degrees (and still slowly raising)... kind of 
funny, but maybe possible since CPU has quite good active cooling and MB only 
passive (MSI K8T Neo).

BTW, doom3 heats CPU up to 45 degrees and even don't use 100% CPU time (about 
60% average), main load gets GPU @ 1600x1200 (some 82 degrees according to 
`nvidia-settings`) ;o)


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